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I am an accomplished educator with demonstrated ability to teach, motivate, and direct students while maintaining high interest and achievement. I am self-motivated and a results-oriented leader, with a strong record of accomplishment, demonstrated ability in planning, programming, project management, professional development and organization. I am a competent, poised and articulate communicator, who is able to effectively interact with diverse populations of students at a variety of academic levels and consistently maintains excellent relations with students, parents, faculty, and administrators.


Professional Competencies




     Formed Spiritual Planning Committee to determine congregation vision and mission.

     Initiated and guided a Tefila Task Force to articulate a worship vision statement and implemented changes that made services more spiritually meaningful and participatory.

     Undertook curriculum review of Religious School that resulted in a new spiral curriculum.

     Rebuilt youth program and oversaw its growth by working with Youth Director and advisors that earned 1993-1994 Chapter of the Year and doubled enrollment at Central NJ Midrasha.

     Instrumental in obtaining Synagogue Leadership Initiative grant of $20,000 for Shabbat enhancement and Senior Adult Center grant of $15,000 to start a synagogue-based center.


Program Development:


        Initiated Parent-Child Education Program for pre-Bar/Bat Mitzvah students and their parents.

        Formatted "Tallit and Tefillin Club" supported by Education Director and School Committee.

        Developed “Field School of Jewish Studies” an innovative, interactive, off-site program of learning and a B’nai Torah Hebrew High School program resulting in teen participation.

        Created adult education programs that won the 1995-1997 Solomon Schechter Awards.

        Piloted Parent Education Program and Sheviim Panim curricula as "Master Teacher" for Bergen County branch of Melton Adult School of Hebrew University.

        Wrote and taught Siddur and Contemporary Jewish Ethical Issues curricula for Melton graduates in post-Melton program.

        Produced “Call Shabbat a Delight” Enhancement programs that won the 2003-2005 Gold Solomon Schechter Awards, increased worship attendance and released CD of music.

        Composed leadership training program, Shabbat programs and source books for USY and Kadima that enhanced knowledge and observance of participants.


        Supervised senior synagogue professionals, support staff, teachers and youth advisors.

        Served as advisor and resource to Youth Community and student executive committee.

        Provided leadership training for youth advisors, scout leaders and students.


Teaching and Consulting:


        Extensive teaching experience with teens and adults.

        Trained youth and adults in leadership and spiritual development.

        Conducted support groups for grief, cancer and parents of children with disabilities.

        Consulted Jewish and non-Jewish religious institutions about incorporating children and adults with special needs and their families into their faith communities.



Teaching Experience

Master Teacher, Florence Melton Adult School of Hebrew University, Bergen County, NJ.


Program Director, American Jerusalem Academy, Highland Park, NJ. Served as Acting Dean during Sabbatical of Dean.


Teacher, Society for the Advancement of Judaism (SAJ) Religious School, New York, NY.


Education Director, Camp Arazim, Oakland, CA (Head Office).


Oded Work-Study Program (CIT) Director & Teacher, Camp Solomon Schechter, Olympia, WA.


Counselor & Teacher, USY Israel Pilgrimage, New York, NY (Head Office).


Study Group Leader, USY Hagalil and Metny Regions, New York, NY (Head Office).


Section Head and Rosh Tefilah, Camp Shalom, Laval, Canada.


Kadima Advisor, Congregation Shaar Shalom, Laval, Canada.


Assistant Cubmaster, Mohawk Cub Pack, Laval, Canada.