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I consider education and advocacy to be among the most important things supporters of Israel can do to promote the well-being of the modern State of Israel. I feel responsible not only to support and defend the State of Israel but also to create in Zion an exemplary Jewish society that is a national home — democratic and pluralistic — for all Jews, secure and at peace with its Arab neighbors, committed to protecting its environment and natural resources, respecting the rights of all of its citizens and supporting all streams of Jewish practice. As a member of Conservative/Masorti Judaism, the first of the modern religious movements to embrace Zionism, I steadfastly remain at the forefront of the effort to promote Zionism’s values: the centrality of Israel in the life and consciousness of the Jewish People and the unity of the Jewish People wherever they may live.

                                                  Israel Advocacy


      Raised over $5 million through annual synagogue appeals for pro-Israel causes and organizations.

      Fostered synagogue partnership with AIPAC to send the largest per capital attendance from New England to AIPAC annual conferences.

      Created and strengthened synagogue “Ayin LeZion”/Israel Affairs committees that heightened awareness and educated congregants through programs, seminars and guest speakers.

      Led “Israel Awareness and Advocacy” trips to Washington, DC and missions to Israel that resulted in greater congregant activism.

      Created Shomer/et Yisrael (Guardian of Israel) Award to recognize and reward local and national figures who exemplify pro-Israel advocacy and support.

      Worked with local NJ and MA AIPAC to build support in my congregations.

      Appointed to AIPAC National Council in 2009 and Masorti OlamiBoard in 2005.




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