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In the face of so many deep problems we confront today as human beings and as members of the Jewish People, it is easy to feel discouraged, despairing and powerless; that there is nothing we can do that will make the least difference. However, the great teachers of Judaism tell us that it is only individual change that will bring about global change. Each individual action can affect change on our planet, for good or ill. Thus, I believe it is important for me to be involved in Jewish and general communal organizations that work on the local and national level to create positive social change.



  Created annual Mitzvah Day event that engaged more than 150 families & singles in social action.


  Participated as congregation in annual “Walk Far for NAAR” autism awareness; raised $10,000.


  Created Mitzvah Menschen group to blow shofar, shake lulav and etrog, light menorot for Jewish hospital patients and arranged for delivery of simha flowers (and a smile) to hospital patients.




       Coordinated delivery of Passover meals to homebound elderly with Jewish Family Services.


       Conducted synagogue-wide High Holy Day food drive for Project Isaiah.


         Provided volunteers to staff soup kitchen for the hungry at Greater Boston Food Bank.




 Collected toys at Hanukkah Fair for state-wide "Toys for Tots" program.


  Conducted annual winter coat drive to provide warmth for New York City's homeless.


  Promoted and contributed to Jewish War Veteran’s “Socks for Homeless Vets” campaign